Embracing Your Personal Magic through Astrology


Chad the Maverick is always seeking to help those around him. He personally discovered the best way for him to help someone is to show them who they truly are. Many people walk through their entire lives unable to see what potential they have inside: ironically enough, there’s a birth chart to tell you! There is a deep healing that comes from astrology interpretations as it shows your personal part within the bigger picture. His goal is to spark the flame in others so they can rekindle a deeper understanding of self. 
Chad The Maverick is the personal Astrology teacher for House of Intuition in Los Angeles, California. He does a weekly Astrology Report Livestream every Saturday @ 11AM PST on Instagram.com/houseofintuitionla 
Chad The Maverick offers a diverse option of personal birth chart readings on his website : www.ChadTheMaverick.com 
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