Skincare & Astrology By Imansss





Imani Herron is an Astrologer & Herbalist from Sacramento, California. She has been a lover of astrology since the 6th grade, but didn’t take it seriously until triggered by a break up. It’s crazy how astrology comes full circle by certain transits stimulating an awakening within. She’s combined her love of natural healing with the natural rhythms and cycles of the planets. Imani advocates the notion that as above, so below. She’s taken her love of Astrology & combined it with her love of herbalism to create her current research, astrology of skincare. She teaches a weekly astrology class for beginners and offers personal readings on the weekends.  You can find her work on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube & Clubhouse. She is also featured as the personal astrologer for OPI, where she writes monthly horoscopes and health tips.

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