The Living Spirit Astrology Retreat Online

The Living Spirit Astrology Retreat Online

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Greetings Astro enthusiast!

Whether you’re a studying astrologist or you desire to get to know yourself in a different way, astrology is a tool that can be used by all. There are so many depths and layers to astrology and up until recently it’s been hard for most people to innerstand. This retreat is about bringing some of the best Melenated astrologers around the world to teach different forms and techniques of astrology that are relatable.

You’ll be learning both tropical & Vedic astrology and the classes are below as follows:
iJaadee - Also known as the Blueprint on Twitter & IG
♦︎ The degree theory

AstroDim- Astrology & Divination on Twitter, IG, & Tiktoc 
@AstroDim @theastrodim 
 ♦︎ Lilith: The Erotic Cycle that Leads to Divine Femininity & Masculinity

Astro counselor Vik - Spiritual GPS Service on Twitter & IG 
♦︎ Jaimini Karakas, the role of degrees in Vedic Astrology

Witch Doctor Alex - Hoodoo & Astrology on Twitter, IG, & Tiktoc 
♦︎ Manifesting with scripture

Amity - Intuitive Astrologer on Twitter & IG
♦︎ Past lives astrology

Astro Shivam - Vedic Astrology on IG
♦︎ Intro into Vedic astrology

Retro J knows - Astro & Culture on Twitter & IG & Youtube
@jacobej99 @idgaf_jj @RetrogradePapi
♦︎ The 7th house & manifestation

SuperNovaJazz - Astro tea podcast on IG & spotify
♦︎ The Nodes 

Chadwick - Maverick on Twitter
♦︎ Topic Undecided 

Imani (me) Astroherbalist on Twitter & IG & youtube
♦︎ Astrology & skincare

Each course will be an hour long and there will be breaks between classes for discussion. We encourage you all to come to class with questions. Don’t worry if you’re not able to attend a lecture, every class is recorded for future watching.

You can find more specific information about your the lectures and astrologers on the main page. 

A week before the retreat you’ll receive the schedule for each lecture for the weekend as well as a virtual welcome packet. You will also be added to a private fb group of all the other attendees to get to know others at the retreat and your astrologers.

We aim to bring community together even if it can’t be in person. We will still fight for connection as well as our birthright to learn. These courses are for every level of astrologist not just intermediate or beginners.